Make Cheap International Call


Register with us with your phone number (landline or mobile) from where you want to use our service. We will send you a local number in your your email.

Call an international number

1. First dial the local number which we have got in your email. If you have a flat rate for land line numbers from your provider you do not need to pay for this call,otherwise you need to pay your provider for this call according to their tarrif.

2. Now enter the destination number where you want to call followed by the # button in your phone.

Example: 0061234567843434# (landline), 00491762345678# (mobile).

Use Get2world from Android or iPhone with our App.

If you have a smartphone or an iPhone,you can use our service directly from our Get2world App.

Just install our Get2world SmartDialer for Android or Get2world FastDial for iPhone and start calling.

Your Advantage of using the App :

1. You do not need any internet in your iPhone or Smartphone. You can use it anywhere from Germany.

2. No need to remeber long destination numbers.Fetch it directly from your contact and start calling.


Log in with your email and password to our online portal and pay with either Paypal or Fast Bank Transfer .